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Program for Saturday

Room 1 (300)
Room 2 (150)
Room 3 (50)
Room 4 (50)
Room 5 (50)
Who ?
Belnuc, BHPA, Firms
APIM (Technologues)
Coffee, Croissant
Avishek Chatterjee (30')
Alberto Traverso (30') (Holland)
BHPA - Radionuclide Therapy
Continuing Education :
Aspects of dosimetry and clinical practice of SIRT
(Selective Internal Radiation Therapy)

1. Michel Hesse (15')
SIRT workflow (UCL)

2. Bruno Vanderlinden (15')
SIRT workflow (Bordet)

3. Benoît Collette (15')
SIRT workflow (Erasme)

4. Kristof Baete (15')
SIRT workflow (KUL)

APIM - Association des professionnels en imagerie médicale
Applications de la nouvelle législation du point de vue des différents acteurs de l'Imagerie médicale
1.SPF Santé ou partenaire AFPPE FRANCE (PCR)
4.Groupement des Hautes Ecoles TIM (MIB)
Coffee break
BHPA - Radiotherapy
1. Dosimetric accuracy of beam gating, MLC tracking and couch tracking to manage prostate rotation,
Robin De Roover, KUL (11:00)
2. Diamond detector based microdosimetry: key solution in the determination of the radiobiological effectiveness?,
Dries Colson, UHasselt (11:15)
3. Dosimetric challenges for the implementation of Trigeminal Neuralgia radiotherapy treatment using a 4 mm Brainlab cone and 6MV FFF Truebeam Novalis STX: The importance of the choice of detectors,
Anne Monseux, CHU de Charleroi (11:30)
4. Extending PRIMO geometry for Monte Carlo simulation of 4mm BrainLab conical collimator on TrueBeam STx with 6MV FFF beam,
Alain Sottiaux, CHU de Charleroi (11:45)
5.BELdART-SBRT: a national mailed audit program for Lung SBRT,
Burak Yalvac, Hasselt University (12:00)
6. A method for performing film dosimetry as part of a mailed audit service using a recalibration process,
Burak Yalvac, Hasselt University (12:15)
BHPA - Deep Learning
Deep Learning
Dhondt Jennifer (VUB) (30')
1.Recommendations for training set assembly for a 3D U-NET CNN for prostate cancer segmentation.,
Verdi Vanreusel, Iridium Kankernetwerk (11:30)
2.A machine learning method to predict electron beam parameters of a Monte Carlo model,
Antoine Wagner, Centre Oscar Lambret France (11:45)
3. Comprehensive evaluation of four deep learning segmentation solutions for Head&Neck CT delineation,
Akos Gulyban, Bordet (12:00)
Belnuc (Belgian Society of Nuclear Medicine)
Personalization of radionuclide therapy, with focus on predictive/effective dosimetry.
- 1. Liver selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT).
Prof Dr Patrick Flamen, Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels (11:00)
- 2. Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT).
Prof Dr Christophe Deroose, UZ Leuven (11:30)
- 3. Radionuclide therapy with 177Lu-labelled PSMA-ligands.
Prof Dr Renaud Lhommel, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, UC Louvain (12:00)

APIM - Association des professionnels en imagerie médicale
Applications de la nouvelle législation du point de vue des différents acteurs de l'Imagerie médicale
1.Présentation APIM (11:00)
2.Table ronde (11:30)
Walking Lunch
Firms session
(PACS, DACS, others)
1. Quaelum (15')
2. GE (DoseWatch) (15')
3. Telemis (15')
4. Guerbet (15')
Firms session (measurement, rth, others)
1. De Ceuninck Medical (30')
2.Elekta (30')
BHPA - Education
Education and Training of Medical Physics Experts in Europe, working to a European MPE
Marco Brambilla (italy ) (President EFOMP)
BHPA - Radiotherapy
1.2D dose mapping using radiophotoluminescence films,
Luana de Freitas Nascimento,Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (14:30)
2. Spirometer guided breath-hold breast VMAT on Halcyon verified with portal images and surface tracking,
Laurence Delombaerde, KUL (14:45)
3. Feasibility of spirometer-guided single breath-hold kV-CBCTs on Halcyon in lung cancer patients,
Laurence Delombaerde, KUL (15:00)
4. Prediction of three-dimensional dose distributions with deep learning for automatic treatment planning,
Ana Maria Barragan Montero, UCL (15:15)
5. Continuous 4D motion reproduction using locally tuned deformation fields combination driven by interface tracking on dynamic MRI,
Damien Dasnoy, UCL (15:30)
BHPA - Radiotherapy
1. Results of 2 years of automated pre-treatment and absolute transit in vivo dosimetry,
Evy Bossuyt, Iridium Kankernetwerk (14:30)
2. Plan library to manage daily motion in locally advanced cervical cancer,
Zelda Paquier, Bordet (14:45)
3. Performing QA with hybrid devices: automation and centralization of results,
Alain Sottiaux, CHU de Charleroi (15:00)
4. Reduction of pre-treatment QA for intensity modulated plans using a complexity threshold,
Matthias Hermans, Hasselt University (15:15)
BHPA - Nuclear Medicine
Evaluation of risks in radionuclide therapy
Mark Konijnenberg ( Holland) (45')
1. 90Y transarterial radioembolization: optimization of post-treatment dosimetry in digital PET ,
Nicola Trotta (Ulb) (15:15)
2. Quality Volume Histogram (QVH) concept demonstrates the high predictive value of 99mTc-MAA SPECT/CT,
Hugo Levillain (15:30)
APIM - Association des professionnels en imagerie médicale)
Radioprotection « patient » - applications dosimétrie et en radiologie conventionnelle
1.Le champ d’irradiation du point de vue du TIM,
Pierrino Di Primio CHU Charleroi (14:00)
2.Le champ du point de vue du radiophysicien,
Jean Louis Greffe CHU Charleroi (14:15)
3.Table ronde (APIM à l'écoute)
Young Physicist award deliberation
Coffee break
Young physicist award

BHPA - Education
1. Talk by medical jury on the required quality of the internship reports,Kristof Baete
2. the current situation of education and where we want to end up, vision on that.