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Program for Friday

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Who ?
Quality managers
Registration - Coffee - Croissant
Common Meeting
Olivier Zemb (FANC)

Artificial Intelligence
Wouter Crijns (KUL)

Coffee break
BHPA - Protontherapy
Protontherapy (45')
Invited Speaker
1. Comparison of various dual-energy CT calibration methods for proton SPR estimation in animal soft tissues,Marie Cohilis, UCL (11:30)
2.Accelerated robust IMPT optimization with sleeper scenarios, Gregory Buti, UCL (11:45)
3. Proton range verification using radiosensitive phase-change nanodroplets, Bram Carlier, KUL (12:00)
4. Overview of stray radiation measurements for radiation protection of children treated with proton radiotherapy, Marijke De Saint-Hubert, SCK-CEN (12:15)
Photon Counting CT (30')
Mats Danielsson (Sweden)
1. The absorbed radiation dose in coronary CT angiography increases in the presence of iodine contrast, Mahta Mazloumi, UZ Brussel (11:15)
2.Automated flow velocity quantification from time-resolved CT-Angiography in a flow phantom, a valida, Pieter Boonen, VUB. (11:30)
3. Combining dose, size and image quality to identify outliers in CT examinations, An Dedulle, Qaelum and KUL. (11:45)
4. Administration of contrast media affects radiation-induced DNA damage, Toon Van Cauteren, UZ Brussel (12:00)
5. Assessing temporal resolution in dynamic CT applications using a rotating phantom, Benyameen Keelson, UZ Brussel (12:15)
Quality Management
1.Practical implications of the new royal decree from FANC and its impact in the radiotherapy department, Frederik Vanhoutte, UZ Gent (10:45)
Contributed talks: sharing experiences
2.Management of changes in treatments in radiotherapy department. How is it managed? Which methods are used? (Sharing experiences) (11;15)
Walking Dinner
Walking Dinner
Medical Device regulation on In-house manufacturing of medical device software
Koen Cobbaert
Walking Dinner
BHPA - Protontherapy
1.Beamlet-free optimization algorithm for proton therapy planning,
Kevin Souris, UCL (14:00)
2. An on-line adaptive strategy to fight against range uncertainties in proton therapy: dose restoration in lung.,
Borderias Villarroel Elena, UCL (14:15)
3.Using deep convolutional neural networks to denoise Monte Carlo proton dose distributions: A comparative study,
Umair Javaid, UCL (14:30)
4. Self-consistent beam dynamics and beam-matter interactions model of a compact proton therapy facility,
Eliott Ramoisiaux, ULB. (14:45)
5. Optimization of a proton therapy passive scattering eye treatment beamline toward improved clinical,
Eustache Gnacadja, ULB. (15:00)
1. Correlation between routine personal dosimetry and the dose to the brain of interventional cardiology,
Jelle Smeulders, VUB (14:00)
2. Performance assessment of a novel Deep Learning CT reconstruction algorithm: physical metrics,
Caro Franck, Antwerp University Hospital.(14:15)
3. Pulmonary nodule detection in chest CT using a Deep Learning-based reconstruction algorithm,
Caro Franck, Antwerp University Hospital. (14:30)
4. How to tackle image quality assessment in synthetic mammograms: a first phantom evaluation,
Liesbeth Vancoillie, KUL.(14:45)
5. Extraction of features from 2D digital mammography images: creation of a dedicated tool,
Stoyko Marinov, KUL. (15:00)
6. The Magnificent Seven: Technical characterization of seven general diagnostic xray detectors, with the emphasis on orthopaedic imaging, N.W Marshall, KUL (15:15)
ABR/BVS - Radioprotection
Belgian Association of Radioprotection (« Radioprotection Evolution in a medical environment : New isotopes, new reglementation »)
1. La réponse individuelle aux rayonnements ionisants,
Michel Bourguignon, UVSQ)
2. Rejet des établissements médicaux – Contrôle dans les stations de traitement des eaux,
Jurgen Claes, AFCN
Quality Management
1.The treatment planning process in radiotherapy department (sharing experiences)
2.The impact of the accreditation process ( comparison of the different accreditation systems JCI, AC, NIAZ…) on the Radiotherapy departments's process Quality assurance, quality control of machines and global quality management



Coffee break
BHPA (Future of BHPA, What does BHPA need to do for you?)
Jan Vandecasteele
1. Frustrations of MPE’s in Belgium: Talk by the 3 domains on major frustration on clinical work floor: IFIC, support when things go wrong, protocols, better education,…
2. Talk on how these frustrations can be solved by a professional union
3. Talk on the future of MPE as health care profession: treats and opportunities
ABR/BVS Radioprotection
Belgian Association of Radioprotection (« Radioprotection Evolution in a medical environment : New isotopes, new reglementation »)
1.Problématique des déchets radioactifs solides des patients qui sortent de l’hôpital, Marleen Vandecapelle, AFCN
2.Utilisation d’un nouvel isotope, le Ra-223 Christian Woiche, Hôpital Erasme
Quality Management
1.The Prisma-RT benchmark in 2020 (16:00)
BHPA General assembly



Cocktail - Zakouskis, verrines (Exhibition Room)
Social event, Dinner, DJ (Restaurant)